Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Compensation Package

Unlimited Passive Income

If you were given a blank cheque, how much would you write on that piece of cheque each month for the effort you've put in?

SKY is the limit!

Quarterly Bonus

Can you imagine working hard for 3 consecutive months and at the end of every 3 month you'll receive a BONUS?

Doesn't it sound beautiful?

Production Bonus up to 12%

On top of monthly passive income, at the end of the year you able to earn the highest PRODUCTION BONUS up to 12%! BIG HANDSOME BONUS!

3 Years Consecutive Production Bonus

This is one of the most interesting part.....For the hardwrok and effort you've put in for past the 3 years back, Company will pay you bonus! How nice is that?

Life Planner Provident Fund

Your hardwork and commitment for past amount of period will not just fly away like dust...There will be a percentage contribute for Life Planner Provident Fund for your retirement...At least when you are ready to call it a day to enjoy your fruit, this fund will be available....

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